Sarah Murru

The new field of resistance studies
Wed 24 May 2023
20:00 CET (Brussels time)

The new field of resistance studies

Sarah Murru is Assistant Professor, Center for Sociological Research (CeSO), KU Leuven and researcher associated to the Interdisciplinary Research Center on Families and Sexualities (CIRFASE - UCLouvain). She is the co-editor of Resistances: Between Theories and the Field (2020).

Unlikely as it may sound, the systematic study of practices of resistance has only very recently grown in an distinctive field within the social sciences. Resistance Studies aim to take a fresh and fundamental interdisciplinary approach, beyond the classical focus on visible, oppositional forms of opposing power. In this talk Sarah will share how this field came into being, what its key questions and governing assumptions are, what kind of novel insights this has resulted in and how we, citizens-professionals-consumers, can use these to our advantage.