Koen Bogaert - Empowerment through Resistance

Fri 9 June 2023
11:00 CET (Brussels time)

Order, disorder and decolonisation

This session takes a Global South perspective to resistance, which is inevitably coloured by a centuries old decolonial struggle. In his talk, Koen Bogaert retraces the narrative developed in his recently published book, "In the footsteps of Fanon" (2023, original in Dutch).

The focus is on the Caribbean as an historical hotbed of resistance and the cradle of a new, Black Atlantic humanism that has also profoundly influenced our Western ideas about freedom and empowerment. Through that history it becomes evident how "the struggle for emancipation also became an emancipation in struggle". This is a story about a vital, necessary and identity-creating form of resistance.

Prof. Koen Bogaert is with the Department of Conflict Development Studies, Ghent University. He researches the links between globalisation, urbanisation, social inequality and social protest, particularly in North Africa. He lectures on colonial history and decolonial resistance.
In het spoor van Fanon - Orde, wanorde, dekolonisering
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